Chay Ngon Hung Phat was founded rooting from the desire to care for delicious, convenient and nutrious meals for vegetarians. Understanding the desires and needs of saving time, simplifying cooking steps and increasing attractiveness for the vegetarian menu, Chay Ngon’s products will help the meal becoming fast, nutritional, delicious and safe.

Natural ingredients from vegetables being combined with a unique formula and undergoing complicated processes help the flavor of Chay Ngon’s products more tasty.

Chay Ngon Hung Phat have different kinds of dishes for daily menu, from ready to eat products to all kinds of sauces, that make it easy to prepare. For Chay Ngon, the cooking will become so simple, no need to be a talent, you can still create delicious meal for the whole family.

Chay Ngon product categories including:

  • Dipping sauces
  • Sauces for cooking
  • Sauces for marinating

Chay Ngon is the exclusive brand of Hung Phat Tea Corporation 35 years old. Chay Ngon creates high quality vegetarian products from natural ingredients with a great taste and best nutrition. Especially, Chay Ngon products aims to fast, convenience and saving time. No need to spend a lot of time on cooking but still have a nutritious, delicious and safe meal.
Chay Ngon Hung Phat will do all our best and work hard to become a high creditability vegetarian food brand for every family.

  • Natural ingredients, rich taste
  • Simple cooking
  • Professional service


  • Hung Phat Tea Corporation was founded in 1988.
  • Manufactory area over 2000m2
  • Modern manufacturing process
  • Factory qualified food hygiene and safety
  • Qualified ISO 9001:2018, HACCP

Hung Phat has received many honour certificates, awards:
- The first time achieved High Quality Vietnamese Goods Selected By Consumers from 2006 to now.
- Vietnam Leading Brands 2019
- Top 10 The Leader Brand 2018
- Typical Business 2018
- Asean Typical Enterprise 2018
- High Quality Brand, Products and Service 2018
- Trusted Quality Supplier 2018
- Asean Talent CEO 2018
- Gold Medal For Public Health 2016
- Top 10 of Best Foods 2015
- Top 100 The Leader Brand 2014
- Top 10 Most Popular Beverage Brands in 2013

And other highl creditability certificates.

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